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Ecu Socketing

Ok so you are ready to chip the ecu...  This is only intended as a brief tutorial on how to socket the ecu ready for a chip, for more in depth information on chipping I recommend forum.pgmfi.org, where you will find a wealth of information and troubleshooting tips.

    Parts required:
  • 28 pin Zif socket (optional - note: knock board will need to be removed if a Zif & Dip socket is used due to the combined height.)
  • 28 pin Dip socket
  • AT29C256 Re-writeable Eprom
  • HC373 Latch (surface mount)
  • 2x 10pf capacitors (surface mount)
  • 2x 4700pf capacitors (surface mount)

I am looking into sourcing the necessary parts to built a kit up at a very competitive price, so you won't need to wait too long for an order from outside the UK.  Please watch this space for more news soon and feel free to email me if you are interested in purchasing a kit.

Not all P72's have factory fitted external roms so I will asume a fresh install of all components needed to chip the ecu.

Install proceedure:

1. Remove solder from the 28 solder pads ready for the Dip socket, using either de-solder braid or a de-solder suction tool.

Click on the picture for more detail... and ignore the condition of the board as this was a repair job from a previously bodged attempt at chipping, not by me though.

2. Solder in the 28 pin Dip socket.  The holes are copper sleeved so there is no need to solder the topside of the board.

Click on the picture for more detail...
3. Solder in the HC373 Latch and make sure pin 1 is in the correct position (see picture).  Then the 10pf capacitor at C91.

Click on the picture for more detail... The optional Zif socket can be fitted now if required
4. Solder in the remaining 3 capacitors on the underside of the board.  C49 & C50 = 4700pf, C92 = 10pf.  The location at J1 will need to be bridged to enable the external rom.

Click on the picture for more detail... optionally you could send J1 to a switch to enable/disable the external rom as seen in the picture.
5. (Optional) Removing the knock board.

If you used both the Zif & Dip socket, like I did, you'll notice that the knock board will no longer fit.  I simply removed it and there seems to be no ill effect to the working of the ecu, running on either the stock rom or the external rom.  However, I'll leave this choice to you.

Click on the picture for more detail... showing knock board removed, J1 routed to a switch and a dataloging cable fitted at CN2 (for Crome & Hondata J4 needs to be cut).
Congratulations!.. You have just socketed your ecu.  The next step is to fit an external rom (chip) and to my knowledge the 3 most reputable rom editors to choose from are - Crome, Uberdata, & Hondata.  Personally I have chosen to use Crome.